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My Favorite Quick Project March 6, 2009

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This fun project is called an exploding box.  If you want a quick and easy craft for a weekend or a crop day try this.  They have been around for quite awhile but seem to pop up from time to time.  They make a great gift.  This one sits on my desk at work and makes me happy with the bright colors and pictures of my family.



I found that brightly colored birdy paper and had to make something with it.  I’m like a kid in a candy store with paper.  Love it!!


The butterfly was on this bright paper, too.  So I cut it out with my Fiskars micro-tip scissors which are prefect for intricate details like this.  I used a sponge to ink the edges of the butterfly slightly so it would stand out more and bent the wings up just a little.



For some dimension and interest I embellished some of the pages without adding a photo.  I also embellished some of the photos with a flower or tag.  Just mixin’ it up.



This was my first attempt at this project and, as with any new skill, I learned something for the next time.  First, decide which direction you want the pictures to face.  I think I turned them all around at least once and they still don’t face the same direction.  Second, make the top of the box and place it on the box before you decorate the outside.  I made this cute “Family” square and then discovered that the top of the box covered up the F and most of the a and m.  Oh well.  I still love it.

Happy Crafting!



Santa came through for me January 5, 2009

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353_26110_s550_frontSanta was a good boy this year and brought me a new Nikon Coolpix digitial camera.  Isn’t is pretty?  I love it!!  My last digital camera bit the big one about a year ago (see my woeful blog post  What is a scrapbooker and parent of rapidly growing children supposed to do without a camera??!!  Thank goodness for the jolly fellow who was tired of my whining. 

Now it’s time to buckle down and read the manual.  Or I could just continue snapping pics on the default setting.  It’s working for now.  Once I figure out how to download the photos I’ll be back in the scrapbooking saddle again.  Do you have this kind of camera?  Do you have any digital photo tips for me?  I can use all the help I can get!  Thanks and happy picture taking. :)


Sammy the Cat Album…plus, need your help RAK October 18, 2008

We had a wonderful cat named Sampson.  He was a farm cat that we adopted and grew to love very much.  He was such a character.   Sammy loved to run and if we didn’t let him outside he would literally bounce off the walls.  Like a toddler, Sammy would play and play until he dropped.  Then sleep like the dead for the rest of the day.  He loved to curl up in your lap for these long naps, but heaven forbid if you tried to move or get up.  You would get the “what do you think you are doing?” look.  When Sammy died last year I had a very difficult time.  At the age of 2-1/2 I never expected to lose him.  However, he got into something outside that poisoned him and he died in my arms as we were taking him to the vet.  I recently pulled myself through the emotions of losing him by creating this memorial mini-album. 





Now this last page is where I need your help.  This picture is a typical, sleep all day cause I was prowling all night, picture.  And on the facing page I want to say something about cats, or pets, or something.  Just a cute sentiment to end the book.  But I drew a blank.  Please help me to finish this album by commenting here with your suggestions.  I’ll choose my favorite and send a RAK of scrapbook supplies.


The Aftermath…Scrapfest ’08 September 15, 2008

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Whew!  What a weekend.  Who knew working could be so much fun!  I spent both Saturday and Sunday helping out at the Fiskars booth at Scrapfest and I can’t wait for next year when hopefully, I can do it all again.  It was such a busy event that I didn’t get much time to snap photos but here are a few for the “day in the life” file.

Here is Stephenie, Fiskateer Legend, demo-ing products.  I was particullary impressed that she was able to help out a scrapbooker in line that was hearing impaired as she knows sign language.  The crowds also loved Stephenie even more at the end of the show as she gave away almost every product they brought with!!  Fiskars, Stephenie, Suzanne, Cheryl, Angela and Rebecca were very generous throughout the weekend, not only with product, but with teaching and sharing their considerable knowledge.  I’m very proud to feel like I was a part of that even for just a couple of days.


Here’s a full shot of the demo table.  This is at the head of the line so the crafters have some tools to play with and learn about while they wait in line.  An average wait was a minimum of 30 minutes so any break from the waiting was welcomed by all.  The best part was seeing someone learn how to use a Fiskars tool and see how easy it is.  I really love teaching; and seeing that “aha” moment is what makes it fun.  By the way, that’s Fiskars TV host, Suzanne, manning the table. (see the man off to the left?  That’s the kind of look we got all weekend from the non-crafters.  It always makes me chuckle when I see it.)


Here are Cheryl, Lead Fiskateer, and Jennie, a Fiskateer from MN, teaching the make-n-take.  Fiskars offered a progressive mini-album thorughout the weekend, with two pages each day.  Each page was a different line from Heidi Grace, Lil Davis and Cloud 9.  Cloud 9 creators Amy and Nancy were also there teaching classes and bringing joy with bright pink Scrapanista wrist bands.  The crowds loved seeing these two ladies!! 

I was lucky enough to get to spend a few minutes chatting with Cheryl before we got down to work and I’m so grateful that I did.  She is one special lady and I look forward to more Fiskateer events that may bring us together.  It’s obvious that her heart is in her job and I admire her for that.

And finally, I had to show this one…My son and his friend tagged along to spend the day at the Mall of America on Sunday.  I think it is so ironic that they were standing in front of the Lucky Brand jeans store.  Because I was “lucky” to get even this one photo of them at all!!


Scrapfest 08 September 10, 2008

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I have been away from blogging for awhile.  Life gets so darn busy sometimes that I don’t take time for myself.  But now I am, and this weekend I will be also.  I will be attending Scrapfest 08 at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

Never been to Scrapfest?!?  Well, if you are a crafter you shouldn’t miss it!  Take a look at the official site here  It is three days of make-n-takes, classes and crops.  Here’s a peek at some of the wonderful designers and artists that will be attending –  This year I will be attending the show on behalf of Fiskars and the Fiskateers.  I am a Cerftified Fiskars Demonstrator and have been asked to help demo Fiskars fabulous products on Saturday and Sunday, 9/13-9/14.  If you are attending please stop by and say hello.  I am so excited to be part of this fun event.  I was checking out the crop and class schedules and many of them are already booked solid!  If you can’t make it this year, save the date for 2009.  I’ll be sure to blog about my experiences at the “mega-mall” (as we Minnesotan’s affectionately call it).  And if you want to learn more about the Fiskateers click here


Overflowing with Buttons July 7, 2008

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As a crafter I have come to terms with my collecting.  When I tried to learn quilting I collected fabric.  Lots and lots of fabric.  And notice I said “tried”.  I never got the hang of it so my huge bin of fabric still sits in the basement.  I also tried making jewelry.  I wasn’t very talented in that arena either.  My daughters swooped up that collection as soon as I set it down.  Now, as a scrapbooker I have found my niche.  I like what I create and there is always something new to collect- paper, ribbon, stamps, pens, ink, eyelets, chipboard, tools, etc. 


Lately I have been collecting buttons.  I have been inspired by others layouts and have been picking up buttons in clearance bins and on sale racks for awhile now.  So with this abundance of buttons you would think I have been crafting up a storm.  Not so much.  Until last weekend I had not made a single layout with them.  Now that I have though, I think I’ll be going through my stash pretty quickly!


Page One, Trio Competition - 12x12 layoutPage Two, Trio Competition - 12x12 layout

On the left page I photocopied the actual sheet music the girls played, but shrunk it down to 66%.  Then I crumpled it up into a ball and flattened it back out.  I used a sponge to brush some ink lightly over the crumpled pages.  This way the ink just catches on the wrinkles and looks old and worn.   


On the right page I drew the wave patterns by hand then cut them out on two colors of card stock.   I placed the buttons on the seam with glue dots.  I actually only had the large glue dots left so I cut them into fourths.  I think I used just one sheet for all these buttons!  (I’m stingy with adhesive! lol)  Here’s a closeup, too.



So here’s my challenge to you…  Create a project using buttons.  Anything.  Layout, card, altered item – you name it.  Post a link here and I will randomly choose one to receive

a set of two Fiskars USX templates    

and some other goodies from my last shopping trip.  Post a comment with a link here by July 14th to be eligible.


Board Book – Completed June 26, 2008

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My latest project is a Cloud9 Board Book.  It comes in a matching box with a handle.  I’m thinking about making these as Christmas gifts this year.  I completed this project last weekend at the Fiskars training in St. Paul.  I used Heidi Grace’s Midnight Kisses line throughout the book.


This is the front of the box.  I covered it with leftovers from the book and used a photo that I had enlarged to 5×7 then tinted sepia.  Then I just added a couple of ribbons on the handle.


Here is the front cover.  Nothing tricky here.  Just the black & white floral, shimmer glitter paper and some ribbon.  The back cover is covered the same way.


The inside cover.  Floral foil and shimmer papers used here.  New tools I used were the Fiskars Threading Water border punch and Corner Squeeze Punch – ticket corner.  (I had borrowed both of these tools when making the project and then went home and ordered them online.  Can’t wait for that shipment!)  I also added a little ruby bling on the tag and a couple of ribbons where the different papers meet.


I made this one very simple.  Not too many frills on this masculine page.  I used some of the Midnight Kisses rub-ons under the Happy Day stamp, but it doesn’t show very well on the black.


The rub-ons showed up much better on the white cardstock!  I used a ton of flowers.  The center of these flowers has a foam dot underneath for dimension.  I also accented a few spots with the signature hearts (basically raindots).



The swirly felt is from Queen & Co.  It comes by the yard and you can cut it to suit your needs.  You could also ink or paint it to add color.  I love it white, though.  I added some clear bling in the little swirls.  I think it’s a great accent for any page.  The felt is also self-adhesive.  This can be a little tricky when working with larger sections.  It will tend to stick together.  Tip – take the backing off in small sections as you place it on the page to avoid this.


Here I made another tag using the ticket corner squeeze punch.  The letters are Making Memories.  My youngest was flipping through and said “Ohhh, I get it now! Different branches!”  Like I always say, we don’t catch on quick, but we catch on.


The last page.  This is the same photo that is on the front of the box.  I layered papers here.  I love all of this Midnight Kisses line so I tried to get everything in this little book.  I used the Fiskars Round the Bend corner squeeze punch to round all the corners.  A few rub-ons, some bling and flowers finish it up.


What a fun project!  I’m hooked on these mini albums now.  I think, mostly due to the instant gratification.   If you see these cloud9 board books at your lss pick one up and give it a try.  I’d love to see what you’ve created. 


Digital Scrapbook Layout Newbie June 12, 2008

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So, I took the photo of my girls from my previous post and tried out a fully digital layout.  I have played around with them before but never really finished one.  I found some great free digital “kits” online at .  Here is the finished product….


Sisters May08


So what do you think?  I wish I knew more about photo editing.  Because then I could have been more creative about cropping out the men standing behind the girls.  For now I just slapped a photo corner to cover up the one guys crotch area (see original photo below). 


As for the process of digital scrapbooking I think if I decide to use it in the future, I will try a hybrid method.  Using both digital and hand pieced pages.  When I did this page I missed using the paper trimmer and adhesive runner.  I missed the scraps and the feel of the photos and papers in my hands.  I guess I’m just an old-fashioned girl.  What do you think about digital scrapbooking?



Mixing techniques June 6, 2008

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Here is a fun layout I created of my daughter back when she let me dress her up like a girlie-girl and actually posed for photos!  Now if I point the camera towards her you’d think she was Britney Spears getting assaulted by the papparazzi.  sheesh! 

On the base page I used foam stamps to create her name.  On the dark purple strip I used an acrylic flower stamp.  Then I layered vellum flowers from Cloud9, small paper flowers and topped with a round brad.  I love how the layered effect came out.  And also how the papers match her shirt!



learning how to blog ~ part I June 2, 2008

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My ultimate goal for this blog is to share my designs, layouts and ideas for scrapbooking with others who find as much enjoyment in this craft as I do.  I have visited so many blogs and websites that have inspired many designs of my own that I wanted to try and do the same in return.  So here we go, my first attempt at sharing my ideas. 

I created an 8×8 album of our family trip to Duluth, MN.  We love to visit this historic town on Lake Superior.  However, we are usually there for a hockey tournament and it’s usually winter.  In Duluth, winter means about 20 degrees colder than our hometown near the Twin Cities.  And the wind that comes off the lake…brrrrr.  This year we went for a hockey tournament, but it was SUMMER!!!  I couldn’t believe our good fortune.  We really enjoyed this trip and I found the 8×8 album size to be ideal.  It’s prefect for a theme or vacation.  Here are some of the pages…

8x8 album cover

This is the front cover.  Instead of using a photo, I altered paper to match the album theme and inked a chipboard “d” and stickers for the remaining letters.

Lift Bridge

The famous lift bridge can be seen in these photos.  I was enamoured with chipboard at this time so the circles are chipboard covered with coordinating papers.  I used sandpaper to smooth and slightly distress the edges.  *Tip: no need to spend a lot on distressing tools.  I went to Home Depot and bought regular sandpaper in the smallest grit available.  I spent about $2 and have probably a lifetime supply.  Just cut small pieces off of the large strips.  It bends easily and enables you to get into small crevises.


This is a rare photo of my hubby and I.  My youngest daughter took this photo while we toured a coal ship docked on the pier.  I was so proud of her…we both have heads!

We bought huge s’mores candy apples at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory.  Yum!  While working on this page I just couldn’t find anything I liked to go with the photo.  Then I found this terrific textured paper.  I initially overlooked it at the store because the front side had wide stripes of a darker green all across it.  Then I turned it over and ta-da!  It makes the page so much more intersting.

During a lunch of pizza and soda the kids took some time out to play games.  To add a little dimension I cut out some paisleys from leftover scraps and added them as you would a sticker or diecut.  The green paisley on the boys page is matted in blue and attached with foam dots.

While touring the coal ship my daughter decided to treat me like the paparazzi. 

While my third child couldn’t be bothered to pose, my hubby went straight for the captains spot.  (Again with the chipboard.)

 I borrowed the idea for this layout from a product catalog.  I like how it’s simple, but also shows lots of color.  The photos were taken from our hotel balcony and the coal ship can be seen behind the boys.

Thanks for taking a look at my first big post!  I’m looking forward to sharing more. 



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